Quartz oil diffuser bookmark and hanger

Relax quartz oil diffuser bookmark and hanger


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Relax Squiggle quartz oil diffuser bookmark and hanger

Zen-sational quarz leaf essential oil diffuser squiggle hanger so that you can have aromatherapy anywhere you feel calm

The large quartz squiggle hanger and aroma bookmark can travel anywhere and hang on cabinet knobs, lay on the bedside table, or sit in your pencil holder to deliver the relaxing scent you love.

RELAX scent suggestions:

The energy field of a person when relaxed feels very different from when a person is tense and anxious. Certain essential oils, by helping with relaxation, also help our subtle energies shift more easily to a state of healthy balance and flow. They also connect us to earth energy (because they come from plants) and help to balance our overactive mental bodies. And, because the beautiful scents bring us joy, they lift and brighten our energies.

What Essential Oil Is:

Essential oils (EOs) are highly aromatic oils extracted from plants. Unlike artificially created perfume oils, they have healing properties, and unlike vegetable oils expressed from nuts and seeds, they are not actually oily.

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Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in


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