Meditate aromatherapy bookmark

Meditate OM aromatherapy bookmark


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Meditate aromatherapy namaste bookmark

Zen-sational Om bookmark aromatherapy bookmark and essential oil diffuser so that you will always be able to find your place even with your eyes closed

This bookmark or hanger has the lovely symbol for namaste on the locket.  It will come pre loaded with a diffuser pad ready to infuse with your favorite meditation scent.

MEDITATE scent suggestions:

A mediation aroma should match your personal tastes, but some recommend to aid in peacefulness are chamomile, melissa, yarrow, and lavender.  Harvard has confirmed what yogis been teaching for thousands of years:

  • meditation reduces stress
  • fosters clear thinking
  • increases our capacity for empathy and compassion

Planning to meditate is the easy part; actually creating the space in your day requires a bit of planning. However, when in need of a push to get started (or continue) with your meditation practice, understanding the array of physical, mental, and emotional benefits can be a convincing reminder of why meditation is important.   With this bookmark/hanger with scent is near you can remember to meditate and make it a daily habit. When you experience the benefits of meditation with essential oils for yourself; you will wonder how you ever existed without your daily ritual of relaxation!

Meaning of Namaste:

What is the meaning of namaste?  I first heard it at the end of yoga class. “The light in me honors and respect the light in you”.  It follows the lovely reverberation of the singing bowl.  More officially, it seems to be a Sanskrit word to mean “the divine in me bows to the divine in you”.   I am told the word isn’t exactly used the same way in eastern cultures, it is an equivalent of hello, but with an element of respect.  The word namaste is not a strictly yoga-related term. Namaste is said to just about everyone who deserves respect. This can include elders, neighbors, family and extended family.



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