Blue Lava Peacock Lotus Essential Oil Bookmark

This 26 inch elephant essential oil necklace in rainbow quartz is cheerful.  Apply your happy scent to the absorbent pad inside the magnetic chamber and off you to stay feeling wonderful all day.


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Blue Lava Peacock Lotus essential oil hanger

A talisman in the form of a peacock! The hanger is 4 and 3/4 inches tall, and the peacock a stately inch high and carved with nice detail. The lotus charm at the bottom has a small diffuser pad, while the peacock blue lava stone beads provide more places to apply your favorite fragrant oil.

This bookmark hanger is a beautiful flat feather, it is thin and will not bend the spine of  book if you wish to use it as a placeholder, and as a hanger can slip over many small hooks to make it easy to perch your bird essential oil chamber anywhere!

Peacocks are wild and native to Sri Lanka, seeing them while there inspired me to create this hanger!  There is one particular mask that is decorated with peacocks in the Ruhunu masked dances called Mayura.

Masks used in various dramatic rituals in Sri Lanka can be classified as mythological, demonic, animal-spirit and human figures. Oldest of them are animal and demonic ( or animal-cum-demonic, human-cum-demonic). The significance and designs of mythological masks are associated with iconography of the folk religions of the historical period.

In the Mayura Natuma—In the peacock dance, the girls depict the movements of a peacock, which in Sri Lankan mythology is the bird that the war god Ceylon rides. The Peacock mask is supposed to bring peace and harmony, therefore the bright beautiful colors white, and blue. A peacock is also know to bring peace and harmony. This mask also wards off evil spirits and ghosts.

Categories of masks in Sri Lanka

Different usages of masks include:  Some are related to ancestor cult, faith, curative and sustenance masks, while the others are related to hunting, warfare, fertility (agricultural) and memorial service masks. There are also masks used in Rites of Passage (initiation, funeral, secret society), including totems and emblems.

Great video of a peacock dancing!


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