Aromatherapy Bracelet Red Howlite

Aromatherapy Bracelet Red Howlite
The Red Howlite Aromatherapy bracelet will add a bright pop of color to any outfit along with your favorite aroma that lasts throughout the day. The bracelet also features black lava stones and an essential oil bodhi tree chamber. Add your favorite essential oil to the chamber for an aroma that we be at your side all day.

Red howlite represents support, energy, and basic survival instincts. It can serve as a remind for you to remain calm when tensions are high. Black lava represents being grounded with the Earth. It provides strength, courage, guidance and understanding where stability is needed. Combined, red howlite and black lava are two powerful forces that will keep the demons away.

If you are looking for Zen and calmness this bracelet has all the elements to help.


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Uddekki Aromatherapy Bracelet essential oil bodhi tree chamber is bright and cheerful.  The red howlite and black lava stone aromatherapy bracelet will chase your demons away!


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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in


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