White Feather Angel Sign Necklace

White Feather Angel Sign Necklace

This elegant piece features a white feather with two little white beads. White feathers may represent a variety of things depending on the person. They often appear during trying times as a symbol to keep pushing forward and to not give up, even when it is difficult.

It serves as a way to bring encouragement and light after a dark period and reassures you that the universe is sending energy your way. In this regard, angels are often associated with white feathers, as many report feeling their presence when they discover white feathers.

The discovery of this necklace may be a symbol to you as well. White in general, stands for the language of energy and communication with the divine. If you are feeling a lack of connection or are seeking stronger connection, the communicative energy of this necklace is the perfect piece.

Feel a new sense of peace, wisdom, and rebirth while wearing this necklace.

18 inch snake chain and carved bone pendant with mother of pearl adornment.




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White Feather Angel Sign Necklace

The color of purity and strength, finding white feathers is a message from your Angel that you are safe and protected. It is also a sign that your loved ones are safe and happy in the spiritual world, and are looking out for you and your life.

FEATHER motif: What might it mean when you find a feather? There are many interpretations from different cultures. There is something wonderful about getting a gift like this from nature. Feathers can symbolize a connection to earth and air.   Feathers have a connection to birds and wings and wings are a symbol of flight as well as freedom. From a metaphysical perspective, this can represent the spiritual journey or quest, and  inter-dimensional travel.  With a feathers connection to birds physically and some people equate them with angel wings, their message is to soar above, connect to a higher perspective, and know that you have the power to move beyond boundaries and limitations.   

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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in


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