Stone Wire Wrapped Briolette Earrings

Stone Wire Wrapped Briolette Earrings


These boho earrings are the definition of effortless beauty. These casually wrapped briolette earrings give off a chic and relaxed appearance. A silver wire wraps around an elongated pear shape that is faceted. This style of bead was very popular during the Victorian era. These earrings come in several colors to match whatever your mood may be. The colors are translucent, allowing some light to shine through, but not completely see through. You could get every color to completely customize your jewelry collection. The variety of color will allow you to choose a pair to match your outfit for everyday wear. They are very wearable and super lightweight. They won’t make your ears feel weighed down, giving you the freedom to move without restriction or discomfort. These earrings also pair very well with other jewelry pieces. You can choose a matching stone for a necklace to coordinate or choose a complementary color to spice up your appearance and create a visual juxtaposition.




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Power stone briolette earrings

Evening star briolette earrings … No truer lagom boho style exists than these lazy wrapped translucent briolettes. Laid back style with a power stone heart to make you feel fabulous.  The labradorite stone shown here are like the glow of the evening stars. They dangle from sterling silver ear wires and are not too little not too much. Offered in a variety of power stones, choose citrine, ruby in zoisite, amethyst, quartz, or let zenmundi choose the loveliest stones to wrap for you!

For thousands of years gemstones have been used to release mental, physical and spiritual blockages and once these stones are placed on the body they have a powerful impact, which is transferred from the stone via vibrations.

Many semi precious gemstones such as amethysts, blue topaz, citrine, peridot and jade are all known to have healing powers. Amethyst for example, is known to eliminate negative energy and enhance communication regarding love and peridot is known to promote peace and happiness and attract a lot of success and luck. Citrine balances and energizes as well as disperses negative energy, it also stimulates a way in which to acquire and maintain wealth.

 Chances are, you probably haven’t been told to make yourself more energetically attuned to wealth. Let’s face it, a crystal that vibrates with the energy of abundance may be the most diverse investment you ever makeand you probably won’t be telling your financial advisor about it!   Manifesting with crystals for wealth opens you up to recognize and accept opportunities with confidence. When you approach your business with a positive outlook, the wealth will follow. Crystals for wealth, prosperity and success can provide an energetic layer of support as you embark on your career or investing efforts. Each of these crystals for money, prosperity and success work in a unique way to bring you the wealth and abundance you are seeking. Combining the energy of these wealth and success stones with your own intention is the most impactful way to open your life up to receiving a generous flow of wealth and abundance. Each of these crystals for wealth work in different ways, but they will all have a similar effect of attracting wealth, prosperity and success into your life.  

Crystals for Money and Wealth

Wealth is the state of attaining material prosperity or money. Achieving a state of wealth often comes from hard work, new opportunities and positive outcomes. Use these crystals for wealth and money stones to aid in your ability in obtaining wealth. Aventurine Stone: This is one of the best money crystals because it is considered to be especially lucky when you are manifesting wealth. It is also the stone of opportunity, opening doors to new ventures. Carry 8 aventurine stones together, because 8 is the number of money. Pyrite Stone: This is one of the most popular crystals for money because it is known to remedy financial hardship and attract wealth. It also aids in making financial decisions, bringing wealth in both subtle and larger ways. Green Calcite StoneWealth crystals sometimes work on luck, but this stone works by dissolving old beliefs or patterns that might be preventing the flow of wealth into your life. Once green calcite encourages us to recognize that situation and expand our minds, it draws money and prosperity to our doorstep. Prosperity is something we all strive for. It is the success and thriving in all areas in our lives from wealth to wellbeing. Inviting prosperity into our lives requires that we remove any blockages that are preventing us from achieving high states of living in the many aspects of our lives. Using prosperity crystals will help encourage prosperity and abundance across our many goals and intentions. Citrine Stone: Citrine is one of the best prosperity crystals because it helps you achieve your intentions faster. It is also referred to as the merchant stone because it helps to bring prosperity to business owners. Green Jade StoneSince ancient times, jade has been one of the most recognized crystals for prosperity, wisdom and harmony. It is considered an extremely lucky stone and can promote the flow of prosperity and abundance into our lives. Combine green jade with other green stones to increase their prosperity energy. Tree Agate StoneThis prosperity stone works by clearing energy blockages from your body. Meditating with a tree agate stone in each hand will remove obstacles and thus open your energy field to a life of abundance and prosperity. In order to obtain wealth and prosperity financially, we often need to have a breakthrough in our career. Using crystals for wealth and success will aid in taking the next steps in your career or in your newest endeavors. Crystals for success help you focus, achieve your goals and provide insight about how to do so. Green Jade Crystal: This is one of the best crystals for success. Its energy helps you manifest your goals and promotes the flow of abundance into your life. It also attracts new opportunities. Quartz Stone: When it comes to business and success, you want to have a clear vision for your goals and how you will be successful. Quartz crystal brings clarity to a situation and also amplifies your intention into the universe. Citrine Crystal: Citrine is one of the best prosperity crystals because it helps you achieve your intentions faster. It is also referred to as the merchant stone because it helps to bring prosperity to business owners. Keep a citrine Tiger’s Eye StoneThis stone for success will give you the willpower and motivation you need in order to take action to achieve success. It will help you remained calm even in hectic situations, aiding in your ability to be a successful leader.

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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in

Rose Quartz, Labradorite, Gold Mookite, Maroon Mookite, Lavender Mookite, Clear Quartz


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