Blue Aroma Diffuser Bracelet

Blue Aroma Diffuser Bracelet
This beautiful Blue Aroma Diffuser bracelet not only looks pretty but can smell pretty all day long. It has an essential oil diffuser that allows you to put your favorite oil in and allows you to feel calm, refreshed and rested throughout the day.

This bracelet portrays femininity with its blue agate beads. Agate was discovered by a Greek naturalist in Sicily. It is the birthstone for the Gemini zodiac sign. Blue agate means calmness and smooth flow of fortune. The blue agate stones offer healing energies that help lessen negative energies and help relieve stress and tension.

The calmness of the stones combined with the essential oil diffuser serve as great reminders as you look down at your wrist to remain calm, release your stress and breathe.


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Nourish blue aroma diffuser bracelet

Zen-sational Namaste blue agate essential oil diffuser so that you can breath and nourish your spirit anywhere you wish

Nourish your feminine side with this aromatherapy essential oil diffuser hanger. Pep up the afternoon with blue agate bracelet as it wafts the scent of your favorite essential oil around you as you go about your day.  You can feel refreshed and rested with the beautiful blue hues and essential oil of your choice.




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