Bird Cage Desk Sitter Essential Oil Diffuser

Bird in a cage desk sitter essential oil diffuser with citrine.

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Focus Bird in a cage desk sitter essential oil diffuser

Zen-sational bird in a cage essential oil diffuser desk sitter so that you can focus on freedom of spirit by deep breaths of aromatherapy.

Silver birdcage desk sitter, complete with bird on a perch that swings. A Zen-sational essential oil diffuser for aromatherapy. This small shelf or desk sitter is portable and has a beautiful ornate OM chamber to load your focus scent.

This aroma diffuser is so portable you can take it with you to work, vacation or yoga. you will not have to be without your “go to” scent for staying centered. You choose the scent that envelops you in energizing aroma all day.  Imagine the sweet smell of ylang ylang while you are at work or by the sink doing the dishes at home.

Attain this perfect diffuser so that you can carry it with you to stay energized or to have calming aromatherapy on the go.  You can have a moment of zen to help you focus during your day anywhere.  Orange symbolizes the individual’s relationship to the external world, the needs and wants of the physical body and the ways in which these are satisfied, the world of work.  In healing orange may increase immunity and sensual energy. In the aura orange signifies thoughtfulness and creativity.

FOCUS scent suggestions:

Meditation is known to help you focus. Whether you practice Zazen (Breathing ), Vipassana (Sensations), or Tratak (Candle Flame) essential oil aromas can aid you. For concentration and focus try one of these scents: Lemon, Basil, Lemongrass, or Rosemary. This particular diffuser is excellent for Vipassana, you can focus on the scent in any moment or place in time. For Tratak meditation, you can start the bird swinging on its perch and focus on the movement. Vipassana can be supported by breathing in the single scent of your choosing.

Birdcage representations:

A bird in a cage in our dreams may be a symbol of our creative spirit, of that which longs to soar and be free of expectations of society, family or jobs.  The bird may symbolize our authentic voice, our vision or our passion. Do you have dreams of birds in cages? This may mean you are considering questions of beauty and truth, of freedom and risk, of restriction and protection, or control and release.  While we choose the cage for a while as long at it suits us, eventually we must remember that birds are meant to fly and sing freely.  Perhaps, after dreams of caged birds, will come dreams of flying and the focus we search for.

Material details:

This silver birdcage with swinging bird on a perch and working door has an ornate OM chamber with a loading puff that you can apply your favorite essential oil scent to and sit it near you wherever you go to help focus. It sits about 3 inches tall.

So that you can have a moment of zen calm during your day!

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