Amethyst Carved Dragon Single Earring

Amethyst Carved Dragon Single Earring

This amethyst carved dragon is a beautifully crafted single earring. There is also a silver charm of a tiny face on it. Amethysts are the stones of peace. Often times, it invites soothing dreams due to a more in tune connection between the dreamer and the Divine. Amethysts also bring peacefulness to the waking mind and flow freely in the mental and metaphysical dimensions.

This piece will give you the tranquility and strength to become a fierce leader. Dragons symbolize wisdom and strength. These traits will also open up new energy in becoming the best version of yourself. This stunning purple piercing is the perfect piece to be worn in many ways, including as an earring, cartilage, tragus, or belly ring. The lever back circle closure will allow several configurations and will hold your accessory tightly even while belly dancing!

This ensures that you can feel beautiful and enlightened no matter what activities you choose to partake in or in what manner you decide to display this lovely piece.


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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in


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