8 chakra energy balancer with quartz pyramid

8 chakra energy balancer with quartz pyramid. Beautiful hand made powerful 7 chakra stone and pyramid energy generator, The crystal in the center has a 4-sided pyramid point crystal stone.  Crystal quartz is the power stone for clarity, strength and balance. A favored stone of seers and healers throughout the ages.It is  3.5″ wide mounted on Indian silver.  The pyramid in the center of clear quartz stone used for collecting energy or dispersing energy. Each of the 7 chakra stone points have 6 sides and are pointed with the points also having 6 sides.


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8 chakra energy balancer with quartz pyramid.


8 chakra energy balancer with quartz pyramid. Beautiful hand made powerful 7 chakra stone and pyramid energy generatorBeautiful hand made powerful 7 chakra stone and pyramid energy generator, The crystal in the center has a 4-sided pyramid point crystal stone.  Crystal quartz is the power stone for clarity, strength and balance. A favored stone of seers and healers throughout the ages.It is  3.5″ wide mounted on Indian silver.  The pyramid in the center of clear quartz stone used for collecting energy or dispersing energy. Each of the 7 chakra stone points have 6 sides and are pointed with the points also having 6 sides.

How to use this energy balancer to stay calm and tranquil:

Hold this energy generator while you meditate to bring in powerful healing effects. Hold it right side up.

There are seven Chakras, each associated with certain parts of the physical body as well as with our mind and spiritual development. Each of the stones in this energy generators is associated with one of the 7 chakras for whole being wellness.

Much like a tuning fork that will not sound if it is held tightly, tightness in parts of our physical body can prevent our chakras from resonating. For a tuning fork to resonate, we have to release our grip, hold it delicately, and allow the vibration to flow. This is very similar to how we work with the physical body in kundalini yoga: the “tuning fork” of each chakra is anchored to the physical body, and by releasing physical tension we also release the movement of energy. Balancing of these Chakras may help in creating a life of harmony, health and spiritual awakening. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or vortex and is used to describe the energy centers of the body.

More on each chakra point:

First Chakra: Existence

The first chakra vibrates with the most fundamental aspect of our human incarnation: the energy of existence. This is the energy center connected to the material world and primal survival. Our physical body, our health, and our habits correspond to this area.

Its anatomical equivalent is at the perineum and the base of the spine. The legs and feet are also extensions of the first chakra. The color associated with the first chakra is red.

We take on form and mission with the declaration of “I am.” The way we honor our very existence affects the frequency of the first chakra. When the first chakra is balanced we feel worthy of our existence and happy to be alive. When our first chakra is blocked, we may not feel valued, lovable, or entitled to occupy space. An unbalanced first chakra also leads us to compare ourselves with others and resent their existence.


Second Chakra: Feeling

The second chakra opens our incarnation into the world of trusting our sensation. We become drawn to what feels good—drawn to warmth, to touch—and in doing so become vessels of universal creativity.  We can learn to surrender and allow the creative force of nature to work through us. We instinctively know what to do. We trust our instincts. We go with it. We open.  The frequency of the second chakra is represented in the physical body through the sexual and reproductive organs, the hips, and the receptive lower spine. The color associated with it is orange.

When the flow of prana through the second chakra is blocked, we no longer trust the source of our feelings. We separate our feelings from God, and our sensation becomes thought of as something negative. Many people who overly control their lives with thought have a difficult time accepting their second chakra energy because it can feel so out of control.

 Third Chakra: Power, Stability, Perseverance

While the navel is a physical part of our bodies, the navel point is an etheric ball of energy which holds our consciousness and power as spiritual beings having a human experience. The navel point acts like a energy holding tank and it reverberates like sunshine radiating through our entire being. If prana is flowing easily through our third chakra, which starts just below the belly button and projects upward into the solar plexus, we have an inherent sense of being sustained energetically, giving us the power and confidence to manifest on earth. The third chakra is known in kundalini yoga as the place where true awakening happens. It is where the fire is ignited and sent to the other chakras. The color associated with this chakra is yellow.

When the third chakra needs balancing, you may feel unstable in your day-to-day decisions and uncertain about your choices. The following chakra yoga exercise opens the flow of prana through the third chakra, balancing and sensitizing us to hear the messages we get from the solar plexus area.

Fourth Chakra: Love

The fourth chakra is the chakra of love and compassion. It corresponds to the heart, and its color is green. The heart chakra is the most powerful center in the human body. The release of kundalini energy along the short distance from the navel to the fourth chakra, or heart center, is a miracle. A huge cascade of physiological, emotional, spiritual energy takes place when our heart is allowed to resonate with its true feelings. The heart has the capacity to transcend everything. When we pray, we pray from our heart. When memories of times with those we love make us feel sentimental, we are feeling from the heart. Our heart is our vulnerability, and we must keep it healthy with love. When we speak from our heart, we inspire others.

In fact, we do not even need words to communicate from the heart. We can simply smile, and our smile expresses unity and connection.

When the heart chakra is imbalanced, we forget to take care of our own needs, and we may cling to others for the support we are not giving ourselves.

Fifth Chakra: Truth

This chakra holds the frequency from which we speak in our authentic voice. It is where impulse turns into choices and action in the world. In the physical body, this frequency is represented by the neck, the vocal chords, and the crossroads between the torso, head, and arms. The fifth chakra allows us to weigh our actions and make conscious choices about how we wish to communicate our authentic expressions that originate from our true self into the world. The color associated with this chakra is blue.

From the frequency of the fifth chakra, we verbalize, make sound, and do work with our hands and head. If this chakra is blocked, we may have difficulty expressing what is true in our deepest thoughts. When we put more effort into being polite to others than we put into being truthful to ourselves and the world, we create a very unbalanced fifth chakra. In essence, denying our truth will cause blockages in the fifth chakra.

Sixth Chakra: Intuition

The sixth chakra is a frequency of energy at the third eye, the seat of our intuition (or sixth sense). It physically corresponds to the point between the eyebrows, and its color is indigo. At its most basic level, the sixth chakra is sensitive to light and dark, day and night. As we develop the sensitivity of the third eye, we become aware of very subtle shifts of prana, such as those caused by the feelings of others. This sensitive awareness is our natural state of being. In the activated whole person, kundalini can flow freely to open or shut the third eye as needed in any given situation. When the third eye is balanced, we do not have to search outside ourselves for the answers. We simply know, intuitively, and we trust what we know as truth. We also realize that our wisdom is coming from our connection to the divine. When the fifth chakra is not balanced, however, we feel confused and have a difficult time making clear decisions.

Seventh Chakra: Grace

The seventh chakra is the energy pathway through which the pure prana of deep wisdom with the individual nature of the soul. When we allow the flow of spirit to touch us at the seventh chakra, a new blossoming occurs in our consciousness. The seventh chakra, vibrating at the top of the head where the fontanel is, corresponds to the pineal gland. It is the gateway to angelic, love-infused prana. This is where we connect to spirit. Its color is violet.

Opening to the divine is a core part of the experience of being human. Everyone has this capability, but often, because of the way that religion has been misinterpreted, our experience of divinity comes weighed down with baggage, such as feelings of shame. Our innocent perception of God’s ever-flowing presence becomes undermined by our thinking, rationalizing, and second-guessing. We start to feel small and separate, and we stop trusting our own experience.

We forget that everything we encounter is part of a wondrous, loving consciousness that is coursing through us and breathing with us at this very moment

Eighth Chakra: Radiance

Our eighth chakra, which encompasses the totality of the resonance from all the other chakras. It is known as the aura. Just as white light combines all the colors of the rainbow into one, our eighth chakra combines all the frequencies of our being into one field. It extends as far as nine feet around our bodies and is extremely sensitive to the movement of energy, both from within us and from external sources. The color of this chakra is white.

We consider this the chakra of radiance because it radiates with a frequency that originates from the soul. Our inner glow becomes our outer glow by the projection of positive energy. When we say that someone has a healthy glow about them, we are intuitively referring to their radiance. Is our radiance a jumbled-up cacophony of disharmonious energy, or are we centered and clear? We can learn how to shift our radiance to one of health, vitality, and joy by aligning our vibration with the vibration of the infinite flowing through us. This is the key to manifesting a miraculous life.

When our radiance is aligned with our soul, our presence becomes our power. The love in our heart can ripple out through our body and flow into the world around us. We express confidence and attractive humility. We hold a magnetic grace around us. Our presence becomes our field of optimal possibilities, a magnet that draws bountiful, beautiful, and miraculous gifts. Our presence can even heal others.

Visible light can be separated into distinct colors by generating a rainbow. The light appears to be separate colors as its frequency changes, but blended together the frequencies form one white light. Similarly, our chakras—each a different frequency and color—express the entire spectrum of frequencies that comprise the energy of the physical body. The word chakra (pronounced “chak-rah”) means “wheel” or “circle,” named so by the ancient yogis to depict a wheel-shaped vibration of your personal energy.

A chakra is pure and continuous energy. It is our prana in motion, a wavelength of vibration in our electromagnetic field that contains our values, feelings, thoughts, and intentions. As each of the 8 chakras become energized through meditation, yoga and other means, the physical and emotional attributes corresponding to that frequency are also energized, as is our consciousness.


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