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Gwynne Rife, also known as Gwynstone, is founder and designer of Zenmundi Designs. Gwynstone has designed and exhibited globally for decades.  Zenmundi Designs started in September of 2016 as a new home for zen style jewelry and other handmade creations like aroma  chambers and other meditation aids.

Today Zenmundi offers products designed for the zen lifestyle and mindful life.   Zen = enlightenment and mundi = world.  Zenmundi’s fans like to feel connected as they travel their daily path to peace and joy.  Gwynstone’s other designs can be found at  Gwynstone Originals , which has been on ETSY and other venues since 2000.  Her award winning designs have been featured in publications such as NewsOK, NBC, ABC, CBS, and the Wall Street Select.

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To connect with Gwynstone simply visit the official contact form on Zenmundi Designs or Gwynstone Originals.
Zenmundi Social Media Sites @: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram  and also @Gwynstone.

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