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I try and offer monthly gratitude giveaways!

 I send you a Zenmundi Design something truly ‘Zen’ and for free  ! 

All you need to do is help me out by following me on social media, answering a mini-quiz and checking out one of our these calm beautiful designs. 

It is as simple as that. 


Watch the video to see how much fun I have packing up my things to send out to a zen friend!  



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Tree of Life Aromatherapy Necklace

Enter and win this calming self care aromatherapy necklace!

Essential oil jewelry lets you keep your special fragrance with you all day. This silver tree of life necklace make it pleasing to your eyes as well as state of mind. The color changes in the transformative necklace makes this color change necklace unique and perfect gift for someone who will enjoy wearing an aromatherapy necklace!

Do you need a cure for what ails you? Is a mysterious ailment plaguing your best pal? The answer lies inside the chamber of this essential oil locket necklace. Open the chamber, add several drops of the potion required as a curative to the thirsty lava stone within, and place this necklace on to see the transformation occur and the color change will insure an improvement calm for you mind and body and soul.

At room temperature, the beads are a colorful mosaic of golden earthy colors and when you wear them, the area around the center will change colors, adding bright purples, yellows, and greens — sometimes all at once! The top and bottom bead will move through a deeper set of warm tones.

Giveaway ended.

Embrace Your Serenity

Every piece of jewelry – every collection – is made with the purpose of bringing harmony back to your life. My goal is to let a little spark of Zen shine through the chaos.

Everything is artisan made and NOT mass produced.

So, if you’ve been searching for a unique and personalized piece of jewelry that will bring serenity to either you or a loved one…

My designs are 100% for you.