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Hi I am Gwynne, a small time hobby type seller on Gwynstone Originals on ETSY and also Vesoterica on ETSY — I also have two websites I use to sell my two brands. I want to share the things I learned with you to help if I can!

Here are your specific help topics recommended for you scroll down to find your specific resources and pop open to see the details or check out them all!

Disclaimer:  I do not need a disclaimer! None of these are affiliate links and I do not represent any of these folks. I just wanted to find this when I was trying to find good help.  I will add as I work with different people I love to learn and working with a coach is a great way to find out what you do not know!


I have had critiques/consulting sessions from:

Sara Sewell – Sarah is the CEO and Founder of Artisan Indie and Flourish; an online commerce education community & future marketplace for makers. Find her on Linke in here:

Dahlia Abdulla – She is the handmade mastermind!

Tara Jacobs or her blog is great:

Or I offer video walkthroughs on Vesoterica on ETSY or I will do one for free for you if you are reading here just contact me !

Melissa Kaiserman

Makery Space-

She offers all sorts of right on time help for ETSY and does an etsy plus 1 love show on Facebook that is excellent when she is active but you can watch the old ones too!


You for sure need to look at the etsy recommendations for etsy

But here are some more helpful links:

Photo documentary that is so interesting and motivating (good for jewelry)

and Amy Eaton is a great product photography to work with 🙂

I love to follow Mei Pak and the Creative Hive : – she is cute and smart with a lot of free advice that is excellent


Tara Jacobs – Marketing Arfully or her blog is great:

if you are ready to get serious .. the very best way to go is join Handmade Titan University .. see a free sample of the sort of help you get by getting on the list to know when it opens once a year:

Handmade Titan University


For some saturated type of things, you might want to consider different venues .. here are some that have worked more or less for my jewelry ..

Amazon Handmade – Handmade Mastermind is a great help for this

Ebay ( yes still can sell handmade there .. just lower value type things)

Your own websites . this can be complicated but, doable. If you get serious about this I built both mine with Ultimate Architect by Renae Christine. It is a lifetime of support and although an investment likely the best one I ever made for myself. Here is a link, note this IS an affiliate link but if you want to get notice when Ultimate Architect opens once a year for consideration Sign up to get notices AND — once you are a bestie you are a bestie for life. Besties are sworn to secrecy but I can tell you that once you enroll in one of her paid programs like UA or Handmade Titan you get some OUT OF THIS WORLD free support things later. I cannot say more, but you do get the value and then it keeps coming. I actually did a youtube testimonial because it was so great .. you can watch my video here (no signing up for any email list) or, sign up to get the emails for this program here with my branded link:

If you are ready to go fast then join a bunch of Facebook groups and pour over the etsy seller manual.

Here are my favorite ETSY groups for help that is fast:



My own groups Etsygusto – or




My List of who I have paid to work with (and how I chose them):

Cheerful upbeat and encouraging – all of the cupcake training products search for #TrustRenae or join the cupcake trainings crew there are many free trainings!

Structured and Organized —  Creative Hive – Mei Pak 

Personal not Packaged — Artisan Indie – Sara Sewell

Tough love — I can take it! — The Handmade Mastermind – Dalia Abdalla 

Here are some other names to work with for free and paid programs that I have benefitted from:

Branding and Instagram guru:  Kar Coroy Brand Soul Essence

,A few more names to google for various kinds of help that I can say were helpful!

Starla Moore (giveaway help to build mailing list), Kara Buntin (just a straight talker about etsy selling and changes, Kimra Luna (for paying for add on FB or google).

Good luck 🙂

Feel free to contact me if you want to talk shop .. or be sure to join my email Gwynsider Insiders HERE to stay in touch and get Gwynsider emails:  Gwynsider Insiders

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