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ZEN = enlightened       MUNDI = world

Welcome to Zenmundi Designs.  Jewelry for your eyes, body and mind.

Do you seek a mindful and enlightened connection to the natural world ? Then wear a Zenmundi design! Choose from varied and earthy stones from land and ocean included in gorgeous adornments. Jewelry designs appeal to your eyes body and mind as they are made from minerals that feel both powerful and calming. All designs are hand crafted for unique style.  Do you want to please all your senses? Then choose from essential oil diffuser jewelry and talisman to keep your aromatherapy with you throughout the day and as you do your daily meditations or yoga practice.

A zenmundi design will make you look and feel connected to your center.  Another benefit of natural stone jewelry is the cool smooth lovely feel of natural things against your skin.  Rather than wear some less than pure metal, choose sterling silver for its shimmering and clean glow.

Most of all you should choose a Zenmundi Design to share this feeling with your circles .  That special person who could use a bit of tranquility in their busy day will be thrilled with a gift of jasper or other power stone.  For work or just to wear something that is both casual and beautiful to see and feel.

Since everyone can use a reminder that that are connected, join the enlightened world of Zenmundi.  By choosing a one of a kind adornment that will fill the wearer with joy and calm at the same time you are connecting in a peaceful and ever present way with the biosphere and follow the mindful path.

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