Zenmundi Power stones feel energizing and connected to the natural world. What stones do I love to work with! The list is extensive.  Here are the stones and totems I currently am inspired by:

Ocean Jasper – the ocean has many secrets just like me!  it appeals to my scientific side as the beautiful orbicular parts started with a core of a tiny ancient bacteria. This stone is getting very rare sadly, so I use it sparingly.

Lapis Lazuli – the blues and golds are so rich in this stone, I also like to use a similar blue stone sodalight.  Both blues are lovely and the mottled natures always make the pieces turn out as eye catching.

Moonstone – what can I say about this luminous stone.  It seems like it would be just clear or opaque white with a nice shine, but when the light hits in O M Geee gorgeous shimmery rainbows!

Blackstone – obsidian and jet are nice shiny black stones to work with, but I like the matte and more porous appearance of blackstone. It pairs well with almost all other stones I use and is a bit lighter than some of the other black stones.

Varicite – the other name for this stone is aqua terra. Water and land, just like me.  The light blue and cream waves running through it just make me happy to look at!  It is also on of the lighter stones to make necklaces out of.

Amethyst – the purples tones of amethyst and that hue in flourties and tourmaline just please me to no end! Such a large variety of purple hues.  Mixed other clearer stones it just has an inner beauty that cannot be resisted!

Amazonite – my newest love, sort of sad to see it go trendy actually. It reminds me of larimar which is so pretty (but fades with exposure to light).  Amazonite in its sky blue form is a dream.



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