Zen-sational aromatherapy diffusers are new at Zenmundi.com.  The Zen-sational Zen-essential Zen-scent-ial aroma diffusers can be worn as jewelry or kept close on a desk or shelf. Add a favorite essential oil to the diffuser to provide stress relief, comfort, and empowerment throughout your day.  Each piece incorporates natural minerals and adornments that are pleasing to the eyes, body, and mind.

The new diffusers come in various forms including lockets, desk sitters, hangers, and bracelets. For those that don’t wear a lot of jewelry, the stationary pieces keep the calming essential oil scents nearby. The jewelry and artisan pieces are meant to not only bring beauty but awareness to those that wear.

Choose from OM, Namaste, chakra, lava stone, and birdcage diffusers to match your zen feel. This set of essential oil chambers has both traditional and current symbols represented in mindful practices including the elephant, birdcage, tiger, and namaste.

Discover the transformative, aromatic power of essential oils as they follow your daily journey.  These diffusers let you reap the benefits of essential oil aromatherapy in any room in your home or office, in the car or at the park.

To use them just add a few drops of you chosen scent and your mind, body, and mind will have a gentle reminder as you travel your daily path.



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